Funds and Investment Management

A comprehensive solution catering to every aspect of the investment fund and manager’s life cycle.

Every aspect of the life cycle of an investment fund and investment manager is catered for, and our advice and counsel are relied upon by fund market participants and their advisers worldwide, including:

  • Law firms
  • Investment managers
  • Depositaries
  • Administrators
  • Investment banks
  • Private equity and credit groups 
  • Hedge fund groups
  • Real estate groups
  • Insurance groups
  • Pension funds
  • Boutique investment management companies
  • Institutional investors
  • Sovereign wealth funds
  • Family offices
  • Prime brokers
  • Tax and audit firm structuring teams.
  • Fund industry associations
  • Other financial institutions

With a global practice advising on the laws of multiple jurisdictions, we are uniquely placed to provide an impartial view of the world’s leading business jurisdictions and give clear, insightful advice.  Importantly, we combine our unparalleled knowledge of these leading conglomerates’ domiciles with regional expertise across our other offices in Dubai, London, and Singapore to deliver multi-jurisdictional solutions.

Strategic TAX Advisement

Offers expert advice in U.S. law developments and an array of specialized tax services.

TMW Advisory’s Tax teams have significant expertise in advising clients concerning these U.S. law developments. We are involved in policy discussions with government organizations and strategic partners through involvement in industry associations and have particular insight into these developments.

Our Tax services include:

  • Structured finance and cashflow
  • Property acquisition structuring and taxation
  • Aviation and asset brokerage
  • Corporate reorganization
  • Foreign direct investment
  • Intellectual Property
  • Investment funds
  • Tax controversy
  • Indirect tax advice
  • Wealth management/family office


Estate and succession planning with personalized and expert advice.

TMW Advisory utilizes the successful history of the knowledgeable and wealthy to steward more business leaders. The leading reason people are missing out on the best in trusts is that the majority have done nothing in preparation to leave their assets to their children. Most people feel they have plenty of time to do what needs to be done, except for our clients.

We take pride in explaining an IRS ruling that the arrangement for tax-free living is proper even if it was adopted explicitly to avoid taxes. Letter Ruling 9134002.

Choosing the right adviser to handle your or your family’s complex legal issues is a crucial first step in setting up flexible and appropriate estate or succession planning and commercial trust structures.  Our leading experts deliver practical advice carefully tailored to meet your requirements.

TMW Advisory advises some of the world’s largest private businesses, individual private clients, institutional trustees, and other fiduciary service providers on matters concerning all types of private trusts, estate planning structures, and trusts and fiduciary arrangements used in commercial transactions.

We are well-positioned to provide expert advice and help clients avoid or resolve disputes should the need arise.

We advise on:

  • Private wealth trusts
  • Commercial trusts
  • Structures to effect charitable and philanthropic giving
  • Trust litigation


Accounting, Tax & Advisory Services

Providing professional accounting, financial reporting, and cash management services globally.

Annual audits are typically a standard industry best practice; however, they are also a statutory requirement in some jurisdictions. Timely and accurate accounting and financial reporting are critical to the success of any operation. In addition, various entity transactions require cash management and agency services to support the administration of cash flows and reporting. Operating in key financial centers across the Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, our dedicated teams of qualified accountants and administration professionals, many with prior experience in investment banking and at top-tier accounting and consultancy firms, undertake continuous professional education to ensure they remain up-to-date with the ever-changing requirements of financial reporting standards and local statutory obligations.

Company Secretarial & Board Support Services

Enhancing governance with comprehensive secretarial and board support.

By providing a comprehensive range of company secretarial and board support services, we work closely with clients to help reduce administrative burdens and allow them to focus on their core business objectives.

Investors and regulators increasingly demand that companies have a proper governance framework. Regularly holding formal board meetings and documenting discussions and decisions is essential to ensuring such demand is met.  Through providing a comprehensive range of company secretarial and board support services, TMW Advisory helps reduce administrative burdens to allow companies to focus on their core business objectives. 

Our dedicated team comprises experienced and qualified company secretarial professionals and support staff who consistently strive to provide a service at the forefront of industry best practices relating to corporate governance.  We work closely with clients to develop tailored solutions and provide a service that is reliable, consistent, and client-focused.  We utilize an in-house built back office to supplement our robust company secretarial and board support services offering, providing clients with effective online meeting and entity document management solutions.  With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, TMW’s back office enhances the users’ experience of accessing and navigating both meeting materials and entity documentation, simplifying how meeting materials are stored and distributed and offering a fully integrated and centralized location for the retention of relevant entity documents that can be easily accessed by authorized representatives.

Directorship Services

Offering specialized governance with experienced and technically adept directors.

As independent oversight requirements dominate the investment world, our directors bring unmatched technical expertise and an understanding of legal and compliance burdens to add value to the governance process.

Corporate governance is a crucial area of focus for investment funds and structured finance transactions, with investors requiring more robust oversight of the vehicles in which they invest. This has not only increased demand for independent non-executive directors but also for those who understand the growing legal and regulatory compliance burdens placed on those vehicles.

TMW Advisory provides qualified, experienced professionals to serve as independent directors on the boards of businesses, funds, and special-purpose vehicles. Our teams have deep and varied experience across various structures and strategies and bring unmatched technical expertise. Where applicable, we take a high-touch approach, striving to add value to the board’s governance process and tailoring our offering to meet the client company’s specific requirements. In addition, we have developed market-specific policies, procedures, and systems supported by dedicated operational, information technology, internal audit, and compliance teams. This ensures that our directors are fully equipped to provide efficient and effective governance solutions that help the entities we serve best meet their objectives.

Power of Attorney & Proxy Agent Services

Facilitating complex, multi-time zone investor needs with tailored solutions.

Meeting the needs of investors dispersed across multiple time zones, and geographies becomes less complex and challenging with our power of attorney and proxy agency services, built around the evolving requirements of our clients.

With investors increasingly dispersed across geographies and time zones, the challenge that companies face in meeting the needs of their investors has grown more complex.  TMW Advisory has built its offering around the needs of the client companies that it serves and can offer power of attorney and proxy agency services. These services are most commonly needed where it is required that a particular document is executed from within a local jurisdiction or where a company wishes to be able to offer its investors the opportunity to appoint an agent to serve as a proxy and vote on its behalf at shareholder meetings.

Private Client Services

Custom trust and fiduciary services for global high-net-worth individuals and families.

Providing specialist trust and fiduciary services to international high-net-worth individuals, families, and family offices in all major markets and time zones, our team is committed to working closely to provide clients with expert advice and realistic choices.

With great wealth comes great freedom – and even greater complexity. The same freedom that can afford the modern family access to unique opportunities can also often significantly complicate its affairs, particularly when family members and assets are located worldwide. A family’s estate planning strategy must be dynamic and sophisticated, customized to the individual’s lifestyle and each family member’s varied personal, cultural, and financial needs.

TMW Advisory provides specialist trust and fiduciary services to international high-net-worth individuals, families, and offices in all major markets and time zones. Our dedicated team comprises highly skilled professionals with experience across a range of relevant disciplines committed to working closely to provide clients with expert advice and realistic choices. We have expertise in several arrangements, ensuring they are optimally structured and professionally managed. These include:

  • Private family trusts;
  • Business shareholding trusts;
  • Philanthropic trusts;
  • Shareholding trusts; and
  • Foundation companies.

Utilizing proprietary technology and strategies, we offer a modern, comprehensive, yet highly personalized suite of trust and fiduciary services, regardless of the arrangements’ complexity or the asset base’s diversity.

Trustee Services

Independent and experienced trustee services ensuring optimal governance.

Independent trustees are critical to good governance, and our highly experienced professionals bring a consistent approach and institutional quality service to investment funds, structured finance vehicles, and other corporate bodies.

With increasing demand from investors for greater transparency and oversight, the presence of an experienced and independent trustee has become a critical component of good governance. Acknowledging these dynamics, TMW Advisory has built its trustee services around the needs of the investment funds, partnerships, private companies, and structured finance vehicles it serves. The unit trust remains a popular structure for investment funds and structured finance transactions in common law jurisdictions as it can often be more acceptable or attractive than utilizing a company or partnership. TMW Advisory entities are licensed to act as a trustee in various jurisdictions, and we also have the relevant licenses and specialist professionals to hold voting shares of a fund or particular purpose vehicle for the benefit of a charitable trust.

TMW Advisory maintains a steadfast commitment to serving as a trustee with diligence and in good faith in accordance with the terms of the trust deed and for the benefit of beneficiaries and unitholders. Our highly qualified professionals have first-hand experience in the financial services industry with backgrounds in law, accounting, investment management, banking, corporate finance, risk management, management consultancy, trust, and private client services, trust administration, and fund administration and work collaboratively to deliver a consistent approach and institutional quality level of service.

Paymaster Services

Specializing in compliant, efficient, and secure financial transactions across borders.

TMW Advisory offers Paymaster and Escrow services to many domestic and foreign clients. Various transactions involve such areas as real estate and multiple commodities, such as note transactions, oil, jet fuel, gold, and diamond transactions.

All such transactions must comply with federal authorities, including the U.S. Treasury Department and Homeland Security. We assist and work with such clients to ensure prompt payment of their fees within the guidelines of governmental authorities and regulations.

What is a Paymaster, and what services do they provide?

A Paymaster Attorney acts as a neutral third party to receive funds from any transaction between two separate individuals or businesses. The Paymaster maintains an escrow account and then disburses those funds to the seller. After paying a small commission for his services, the paymaster reconciles the escrow account and fills out the necessary IRS paperwork.

Paperwork must include the following for all parties seeking to employ TMW Advisory as their paymaster and escrow provider:

A copy of a valid driver’s license and/or passport.

Complete IRS form W-9 for U.S. citizens involved

For non-U.S. citizens: Completed IRS form W-8BEN

Copy of all transactional documents, including payment agreement

Recorded report of pending dealings that TMW Advisory is involved with.

Note: Payments and disbursements can only be made in the form of Federal wire transfers of SWIFTs. Cash, money orders, or bank checks are not permitted.

What to expect when using Paymaster services

The Paymaster is not a party to the transaction and does not know the exact time that it will close. Part of his job is to check periodically with the escrow account to ensure that the payment has been transferred and then disburse the funds as per his directions. Nor is the Paymaster allowed to disclose the identities of the parties to the transaction.

Paymaster services facilitate the transfer of commodities and financial instruments without the inconvenience that can arise through using Letters of Credit. No credit scores or bank references are required of either party. New companies with no established credit history can trade freely.


Hedge Funds

Precision accounting and transparent reporting for hedge fund managers.

Our hedge fund capability spans precision accounting services across strategies and asset classes to sophisticated and transparent investor reporting alongside the full range of middle office functions.

Investors and regulators demand greater transparency and operational efficiency from hedge fund managers. TMW Advisory provides a comprehensive suite of customized, cost-effective solutions, providing hedge fund managers with meaningful, sophisticated, and intuitive reporting that allows them to make informed decisions and investors with timely and accurate reporting.

Private Assets

Expert management and administration for diverse private asset strategies.

Expert guidance at every step of the launch process can overcome today’s competitive challenges, with continued success driven by our global operating model and specialist investor-focused services.

The effective management and administration of private assets demand the support of people who understand each fund’s challenges and objectives. Leveraging our international, multi-jurisdictional presence, approach to client service, and experience dealing with complex structures, TMW Advisory provides private asset funds with tailored services to meet their unique needs.

Our expert team brings deep experience working with a range of private asset strategies and structures, including:

  • Private Equity
  • Venture capital
  • Real estate
  • Infrastructure
  • Secondaries
  • Natural resources
  • Growth capital
  • Direct lending
  • Hybrid structures
  • Commodities



Secure online management of entity information and corporate records.

View and manage entity information and corporate records securely online, with consolidated data across multiple entities and on-demand access to all essential documents and billing information.

Developed in-house and tailored to client needs, eServices is TMW Advisory’s secure, web-based portal from which clients can view and manage their entity information and corporate records. This centralized platform allows for the consolidation of data across multiple entities, granting clients on-demand access to core entity information, including:

  • Core entity information, including the capital structure;
  • Registers of directors, officers, managers;
  • Constitutional documents, including bylaws, operating agreements, memorandum and articles of association, and partnership agreements;
  • Minute book documents, including certificates, resolutions, and board and shareholder minutes; and
  • TMW Advisory billing information is either “per entity” or consolidated.

eService offers industry-leading features and functionality and is backed by the expertise of our experienced legal and corporate services professionals, who are committed to delivering the highest levels of service and support.


Full-service entity formation with a focus on risk management and efficiency.

Full-service entity formation solutions in key global jurisdictions from dedicated and responsive professionals, enhancing risk management through protocol adherence and timely information updates.

Entity formation utilizing a leading service provider does not just create time and cost efficiencies but can also assist risk management through adherence to policies and protocols by providing information in a timely manner.  TMW Advisory offers full-service incorporation and formation solutions to public and private companies in various jurisdictions around the globe from offices in locations and time zones that are convenient for them.  Depending on the jurisdiction of incorporation, our offering may include:

  • The preparation and submission of articles of association, registration forms, and other filings, as required.
  • Arranging incorporation meetings with notaries.
  • Providing the certificate of incorporation.
  • Preparing corporate records including company seal, company stamp, share certificates, registers, and minute books; and
  • Assisting with the establishment of pre-incorporation bank accounts where relevant.

Our clients benefit from a dedicated team of qualified and experienced professionals who deliver a high level of responsive, consistent, and client-focused service.

Global Entity Services

Customized entity solutions enhancing operational efficiency across jurisdictions.

With bespoke global entity solutions customized to enhance synergies and efficiencies between entities domiciled across different jurisdictions, your single service provider becomes an international partner.

Investment strategies involving corporate structures used by our clients to deliver value to their investors and shareholders typically require that entities be formed and serviced in multiple jurisdictions around the globe.  As a result, our clients benefit significantly from a single service provider that can act as a strategic partner to create, implement, and oversee synergistic relationships between their internal teams, external counsel, and other service providers to increase operational efficiencies.  TMW Advisory offers bespoke solutions to generate such efficiencies, including:

  • A single point of contact and a monitored client-specific inbox to ensure all entity service requests are tracked and completed.
  • Coordination of all necessary entity and regulatory filings (including the payment of annual and government fees) to maintain entities’ regulatory compliance and good standing.
  • Centralized maintenance and management of entity-related data, enhancing overall reporting functionality for regulatory, audit, and management purposes.
  • Tagging and loading all entity-related documents to a central platform, ensuring consistent folder structures and naming conventions are utilized.
  • Consolidated billing across multiple jurisdictions to decrease review and approval time.
  • Development of checklists and processes for administrative and repetitive tasks to ensure multiple parties move efficiently through study workflows.
  • Acting as a global liaison, working with our client’s current service providers or our established global network of service providers to ensure all entities are managed effectively.

TMW Advisory brings unrivaled local expertise across its global network and a proven track record in legal and financial services that helps streamline all aspects of entity services for our clients, wherever they are in the world.


Estate and succession planning with personalized and expert advice.

Backed by an extensive operational and support network, our specialist voluntary liquidation and dissolution services team has developed best practices and is widely recognized as the market leader.

The appointment of a specialist third party to support the liquidation process ensures that the wind-down of an entity will be handled objectively, transparently, and by all local statutory requirements. TMW Advisory’s team of dedicated and experienced individuals focuses solely on providing voluntary liquidation and dissolution services to investment funds and structured finance vehicles.  Backed by an extensive operational and support network and expertise of accounting, compliance, information technology, and legal professionals, we have developed best practice procedures and enjoy a reputation as the market leader.

Registered Office, Agent & Domiciliation Services

Comprehensive solutions meeting all statutory requirements across global jurisdictions.

Fulfilling all statutory requirements across jurisdictions, combined with physical meeting spaces and experienced support staff, so that clients can take full advantage of a local presence at their convenience.

Each jurisdiction has differing statutory requirements in respect of local obligations for entities.  TMW Advisory provides registered office, registered agent, domiciliation agent, and company secretarial services in the jurisdictions in which we operate, as required.  In addition, we provide physical meeting spaces to ensure clients can conduct business in a comfortable and professional environment.  We can also provide companies with a local presence and experienced staff that deliver the convenience and support necessary for successful local operations.

Financial Growth and Security

Expertise and Innovation in Wealth Management

TMW Advisory is dedicated to delivering customized wealth management solutions designed to meet the individual needs of our clients, ensuring financial security and sustainable growth. Engage with our team of professionals to explore tailored strategies aimed at optimizing your wealth and achieving your financial objectives.


ALEXANDERS’s Experience

“TMW Advisory provided a tailored approach to my wealth management, offering strategic advice that has been instrumental in my financial growth and security.

– Alexander Thompson


“Professional and insightful, TMW’s team has significantly enhanced my investment strategy, ensuring a well-managed and diversified portfolio.”

– Isabella Mitchell


Are you ready? TMW Advisory is ready to guide you through a personalized wealth management journey designed for optimal financial growth and security.

Reach out to explore how our expert team can transform your financial strategy, enhancing wealth preservation and growth.